Saturday, October 17, 2015

Birthday Card Tutorial

What can someone do when left wondering what to give that person on their gift list that seems to have everything? How can they, after much careful thought and deliberation, seem to still not be any closer to ideas on what to get this individual?
What can someone do when left wondering what to give that person on their gift list that seems to have everything? How can they, after much careful thought and deliberation, seem to still not be any closer to ideas on what to get this individual?

Regardless of taste, lifestyle, gender or interests the right Birthday Cards can make the perfect gift for nearly every individual who has the option to shop online or in a store. Getting a Birthday Card can ensure that the recipient gets the exact surprise present they want and often for something they may not have purchased for themselves otherwise, making it easily one of the best presentation available. Some may argue that giving a Birthday Cards as a gift seems like an impersonal or thoughtless gift but it is actually a practical idea for many reasons.

As hard as it is for some to admit Birthday Cards gift is often likely to be more welcome than traditional gifts. This does not take into account the numerous birthdays and special occasion gifts that most likely face a similar fate. Giving such presents can be more pleasant and more value to someone especially if it’s specially made for you.

In this section, I want to share you my one of those awesome creations that truly engrossed the heart and attention to someone I gave it to. I started making this when I was just a teenager when I decided to discover and create something new as my special gift for my special someone.

: Illustration Board                 : Linen Paper with design
: Photos                                    : Glue
: Rugby                                     : Silver Dust                      : Photo Paper
: Cutter                                     : Carving Tools                 : Scissors  

: Set-up first your photos using the Photoshop and save it for your guide.
: Print your photos using a photo paper.
: Cut it all individually using Scissors. Cut it depending upon in your own design.
: Paste it individually to the illustration board.
: Cut it again individually using your cutter.
: Carve it individually using your carving tools.
: Cut an illustration board in a rectangular shape. Cut two pieces depending upon your desired size, for example, 6x8.
: Cover the outside first using linen paper with the use of rugby. Do not use glue because the result is not fine enough to look at.
: Cut a small piece of linen paper that will serve as the joint between the two covers so that it can be folded easily without breaking each other.
: Cut another piece of linen paper but reduce it to 1 cm side by side and cut each side using scissors depending upon on your desired design and paste it into the inner part of the card.
: Using glue, paste now your photos and greetings to any part of your card in your own design. But it’s better to set up first the inner part of your card before the outside one.

: Put glue on all sides of your pictures and greetings and poured it with silver dust for glitters.

May this simple tutorial and design will help you a lot in making your own personalized Birthday Cards for your special someone. For complete details just see the video tutorials above.  Happy Learning!!


  1. Personalized birthday cards show you care. I know when someone gets me a birthday card, they've taken the time to show they were thinking of me.

  2. What a great idea to make your own personalized Birthday Cards! I agree with Heather it is a great way to express your love and remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them!

  3. I love making and receiving homemade cards for special occasions, they mean so much more!

  4. I love making cards. There's nothing better than giving someone something that you put love into.

  5. Who wouldn't appreciate personalized cards, right? That's a very sweet gesture, a personal note to someone you care about is one of the sweetest things, really.

  6. When receiving a personalized birthday card, you know from the get-go that it came from the heart and that so much thought was put in to it!

  7. Wow! that looks beautiful and you are very talented. It will save some money than buying in the store. I wish I can do that.

  8. I love making cards! There's nothing better than giving someone a gift or a card that you put love and thought into.

  9. I really love making cards for my husband. Thank you for the steps. I will do this on his birthday.

  10. I love making cards but I haven't made any in a really long time! This is really great! - Jeanine

  11. I used to make my own birthday cards a while ago. I would love to do it again its more personal.