This site is showing you all souvenirs genuinely created by me. Each concept has an article so you may know on how I started, from the first procedure until the item finish. And I want also to share my skills and creativity to those who are interested to know this field of art making, I do some educational videos of every items related particularly in hard wood souvenir making and others.

I have more concept and ideas of creating varied designs of souvenirs I can share it in step by step procedure. Not only for iron wood materials but in every material that is necessary to the customers. 

My entire concept is handmade and I myself doing the production and no company to rely on for a bigger income and production as of now. The ideas and creation comes from my own effort and creativity.

It’s also a platform which is developed for the purpose of catering entertaining scoops to its online audience. Our focus is to entertain our audience so we made that as our primordial consideration.

Since we blog on different topics, you can also find almost everything here including quotes. We will bring you what goes viral or becomes trending across the web so join us in our excitement to share what's worth sharing!We wish to see you here as often as you can and share to your friends what "Iron Wood Souvenirs" has to offer. We assure you that we will bring as much entertainment to your plate - the kind of entertainment that you will want to share.

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